Books to Read if You Like Doctor Who

15 Sep 2022

Books to Read if You Like Doctor Who

With its first episode airing in 1963, Doctor Who is one of the most popular science fiction tv shows in the world. The long-running BBC series has inspired countless of other tv series, books, podcasts, and so much more, uniting old fans and introducing new ones. If you like stories full of aliens, time and space travel, and even a little sprinkle of love, these new science fiction releases are perfect for you! Check out our picks of books to read for fans of Doctor Who!

Seven Beyond

by Stella Atrium

Release Date: July 31, 2022

Dr. Meenins is 800 years old and has traveled the stars to Earth to hide in an alien colony, exploring memories of his galactic travels. A quest novel and cautionary tale touching on themes of diversity and facing your guilty acts. This historical science fiction fantasy fable is for fans of books like The Lathe of Heaven, and Shades of Magic.

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Past Changes

by HH Detroit

Release Date: September 19, 2022

A mind-bending, time-bending adventure for fans of Blake Crouch (Dark Matter / Recursion) and Emily St John Mandell.

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The Dark We Seek (Lost Light Book 2)

by Kyla Stone

Release Date: September 16, 2022

Darkness spreads across the globe… After explosive solar flares strike Earth, half the planet goes dark. Store shelves gather dust, pharmacies run out of life-saving medications, and banks and gas stations close their doors. As tens of millions of people grapple with a new reality without power, a serial killer hunts freely in the chaos. Alger County Undersheriff Jackson Cross is determined to stop him, no matter the cost. But nothing can prepare them for what comes next…

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KTF Part One (Galaxy’s Edge Book 17)

by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

Release Date: September 14, 2022

As Kill Team Victory and General Chhun take control of the cities on Kima, a war every bit as spiritual as it is physical rages in the deepest parts of galaxy’s edge. The Legion, and the Republic military at large, struggle to deal with a sudden multitude of planetary invasions and uprisings — with rumors of mysterious ships breaking the peace achieved by Article Nineteen…

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A Universe Disrupted (Intersecting Worlds)

by Eric von Schrader

Release Date: September 6, 2022

They thought they were done with the parallel universe. But it wasn’t done with them. Billy Boustany had the adventure of a lifetime. Now, all he wants to do is to go back to the amazing universe he discovered. But the power brokers over there warned him to stay away and keep his mouth shut. Billy, Diyami and their friends have to make the biggest decision of their lives, with the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance.

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Dangerous World (EMP Aftermath Book 3)

by Grace Hamilton

Release Date: September 14, 2022

Laurel has found a safe haven at Lone Oak Hospital. But her loved ones are still back at South Minneha, and her mother desperately needs her. Winter has blanketed the city in impenetrable layers of snow making any chance of returning to her hospital on foot almost impossible. Then disaster strikes Lone Oak Hospital and, in order to survive, Laurel must venture out into the harsh Minnesota winter, and risk everything in a world gone dark and cold.

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