6 Books to Read if You Like Dean Koontz

04 Jan 2017

Did you hear that sound? Or was it just your imagination? It’s hard not to feel a sense of suspense and intrigue when reading a gripping thriller. What makes these stories even more enthralling are the unexpected twists of horror, fantasy, and suspense. If you’re a fan of stories that push the limits of reality, then explore our collection of books to read if you enjoy Dean Koontz‘s thrilling tales.

6 Books to Read if You Like Dean Koontz


Deadlight Jack

Mark Onspaugh

Release Date: January 3, 2017

Jimmy Kalmaku may look like an ordinary elderly man, but he is actually a powerful Tlingit shaman with a link to the god Raven. His friend and roommate, George Waters, seems like just another retiree, but he also has a link to the supernatural. When George’s grandson vanishes while on vacation in the Louisiana bayou, George and Jimmy fly across the country to aid in the search. What they don’t realize is that Professor Foxfire — also known as Deadlight Jack — is waiting for them in the deep swamp. Dressed in the garb of a stage magician he is practicing magic of the darkest and bloody kind, and he wants revenge.

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The Secret Life of Souls

Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee

Release Date: November 8, 2016

A psychological suspense novel that tells the haunting depiction of a family’s fall and the special connection between eleven-year-old Delia Cross and her dog Caity. Delia is beautiful, talented and charismatic. A true star in the making. But her pill-popping stage mom and good for nothing dad push Delia because they depend on her for their upscale lifestyle. Because of this, Delia has to depend on her Queensland Heeler companion. Just as Delia is about to make a professional breakthrough a freak accident occurs and only Caity can protect her.

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Ink and Bone

Lisa Unger

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Every day, Finley Montgomery is visited by spirits that aren’t visible to anyone but herself. She has powerful abilities, but she has never been able to control them. When things start to get out of control, Finley must go see her psychic grandmother, Eloise Montgomery. Merri Gleason has been searching for her daughter for months on end, and there seems to be no hope of finding her. Her last hope is a detective who often works with Eloise, which draws both the grandmother and Finley into this confusing investigation. Along the way, Finley is forced to examine the past if she wants to change the future.

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Night Shift

Charlaine Harris

Release Date: May 3, 2016

In the town on Midnight, Texas, weapons are flying off the shelves at a local pawnshop, which inevitably leads to a series of dramatic suicides in the middle of town. Vampire Lemuel is on the case to try and figure out why this occurred and what it is that brings witches, werewolves, killers and psychics to this mysterious place. If the bloodshed doesn’t stop, it may just put Midnight on the map and ruin the town’s secret.

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The Fireman

Joe Hill

Release Date: May 17, 2016

A plague has started to spread across the United States, and no one knows where it came from. People colloquially refer to the disease as Dragonscale, since it marks its victims with black and gold marks and causes them to burst into flames. Harper Grayson is a sweet and compassionate nurse who treats many of the victims of Dragonscale, but she starts to see the black and gold flecks on her own skin. As the sickness spreads, her New England town erupts in chaos, and a ruthless squad sets out to kill anyone who may have the spore. A vigilante who calls himself the Fireman emerges from the terror to attempt to save the world.

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Stephen King

Release Date: November 3, 2015

A collection of short fiction stories from Stephen King that all have thrilling connections between them; themes of morality, the afterlife, guilt, and what we would do differently if we could see the future or correct our past mistakes. Several of the tales explore characters at the end of their life and revisiting their past crimes and misdemeanors. Others dive into people that discover they have supernatural powers, like the columnist who can kill people by writing their obituaries. The stories even include commentary from King about when, why and how he created them.

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