Books To Read For Fans of Romantic Suspense

24 Mar 2021

Books To Read For Fans of Romantic Suspense

Have you made it to the end of your romantic suspense reading list? On the lookout for some new book recommendations? You’re in luck because we’ve made a list of some of our favorite new romantic suspense reads from bestselling authors Aria R. Blue, Rina Kent, Willow Winters, L. Wilder, Janie Crouch, and Penelope Sky. Enjoy your new books!

Knocked Up by the Beast

by Aria R. Blue

Release Date: December 27, 2020

The first book in the Kingdoms Series by Aria R. Blue… They call him the beast. Shadows danced under his cold eyes, but all I saw was his fire. He pressed me up against the walls of his castle, and growled against my neck that I belonged to him. He made a dark flower bloom inside me, awakening a hunger that I didn’t even know existed. I gave myself to him. I let him dominate every inch of me. I let him hold my heart and see every corner of my soul. When it was his turn to do the same, it all went dark.

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Vow of Deception

by Rina Kent

Release Date: March 15, 2021

The first book in the Deception Trilogy by bestselling author Rina Kent… The most notorious man in the city offers me a job. Act as his dead wife. Adrian Volkov isn’t the type of person who takes no for an answer. He commands with an iron fist and all his orders are met. When he approaches me with the offer, I have two options. Go to prison or put myself under his wrath. I choose to have a roof over my head. What’s so hard about acting, right? Wrong. The moment I step into his wife’s shoes, everything spirals out of control.

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What I Would Do For You

by Willow Winters

Release Date: March 21, 2021

What I Would Do For You is a new collection from USA Today Bestselling Author Willow Winters. It includes the complete This Love Hurts trilogy… An epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love. Marcus, the villain. Cody Walsh, the FBI agent who knows too much. And Delilah, the lawyer caught in between.

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Widow’s Undoing

by L. Wilder

Release Date: March 21, 2021

The fourth book in the Ruthless Sinners MC Series by New York Times Bestselling Author L. Wilder… Frankie Sullivan was everything I wasn’t. She hadn’t let her past break her. She was loving, beautiful and strong. She’d held on to the hope for a better tomorrow—not only for herself but for her two boys. Frankie was a woman who deserved more. My past had broken me. It had left me cold, callous and full of rage. Hope no longer existed for me. I wasn’t a man who could be more.

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by Janie Crouch

Release Date: March 9, 2021

The new release from USA Today Bestselling Author Janie Crouch… Linear Tactical’s Wyatt Highfield is running for his life with intel that will break up a human trafficking ring. The last thing he wants is to bring danger to Nadine Macfarlane’s door. The gentle beauty has been through enough, and has the scars—physical and emotional—to prove it. But she’s his only option.

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The Boss

by Penelope Sky

Release Date: March 23, 2021

The third book in the Chateau Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Penelope Sky… It’s complicated. Am I allowed to say that? Am I allowed to use that as an excuse to feel something toward the man that runs this place, is the reason I’m here in the first place, as well as my sister Raven? They call him The Boss. I call him Fender. And he calls me Beautiful. I can tell myself I’m just using him to get what I want. But we both know that’s not true.

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