Books to Read for Fans of Jennifer Armentrout

17 May 2024

Books to Read for Fans of Jennifer Armentrout

Step into the vibrant world of young adult literature with these six captivating reads, tailored for fans of Jennifer Armentrout’s spellbinding narratives. From exhilarating fantasy adventures to heartwarming romances, these books are sure to whisk you away on unforgettable journeys of discovery and excitement.

Sephie Weaver And the Supermagical Purse

by Kerry Hilton

Release Date: April 25 2024

When 14-year-old Sephie Weaver inherits a strange purse, she learns there is more to it than meets the eye. With the help of a beetle named Khepri, Sephie will challenge an evil queen and a wicked wizard who are determined to use the bag for their own ill gain. Join Sephie and her friends as they learn the purses’ many supermagical secrets.

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Department of Dungeon Studies

by J Pal

Release Date: April 30 2024

Magic school isn’t cheap. To be a Mage, he must work smart and learn fast. Fate dealt Nox the Alchemist unfavorable cards, but he has learnt to compensate for his shortcomings with scholarly pursuits, tenacity, and sheer grit. Fortunately, for him Woodson University and their scouts are always seeking individuals with his work ethic.

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Escape (The End of Times Book 2)

by Nate Johnson

Release Date: April 28 2024

Two young people following the ancient migrants trail. Two people fighting to survive in this new world with new rules and more monsters than anyone could ever know.

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Sweet Nightmare (The Calder Academy Book 1)

by Tracy Wolff

Release Date: May 7 2024

When a freak storm hits our isolated island, I’m stuck without a backup plan. The power is gone. The lights are out. And our worst nightmares are suddenly real—and out for blood. Now the only way to survive is to align myself with one evil to avoid the other.

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Blood at the Root

by LaDarrion Williams

Release Date: May 7 2024

A teenager on the run from his past finds the family he never knew existed and the community he never knew he needed at an HBCU for the young, Black, and magical. Enroll in this fresh fantasy debut unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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Lifeforce Magic (Dragon Defenders of Destia Part II)

by Ava Richardson

Release Date: April 24 2024

Winnie must learn to accept her changing powers if she is ever going to make it home. If she fails, she, her dragon, and all of Destia will pay the price…

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