Books Like Gone Girl: 2015 New Books to Read

16 Sep 2015

I’ve been on the hunt for books like Gone Girl ever since I finished Gillian Flynn’s bestselling book. Luckily, 2015 has been kind to those of us who love Gillian Flynn books and are always looking for books to read with a similar appeal. Our list of books like Gone Girl contain solely new releases. All of these books came out sometime in 2015!

Books like Gone Girl: New Releases for 2015

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The Girl in the Maze

R.K. Jackson

R.K. Jackson is a debut author with a similar appeal to Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins. The Girl in the Maze is a psychological suspense novel in a Southern Gothic setting. It features a female protaginist caught in a perfect storm of circumstances wherein she must fight for survival. Readers looking for books like Gone Girl will love the plot twists and psychological aspects of this thriller.

Release date: 9/8/15

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The Betrayal

Laura Elliot

If your favorite part of Gone Girl was the twisted romance and slow uncovering of dark secrets, pick up The Betrayal by Laura Elliot. The prominent theme is the degradation of lust into a dangerous (and potentially violent) obsession. You’ll love this one if you’re looking for themes of twisted depravity classic to books like Gone Girl.

Release date: 8/14/15

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Pretty Baby

Mary Kubica

One of the main things I want in books like Gone Girl: plenty of twists and turns in the plot that I don’t see coming. Mary Kubica’s new book Pretty Baby gives fans of Gillian Flynn books the roller-coaster ride we so crave. Pretty Baby is a psychological thriller that starts with a chance encounter – not the RomCom kind where you bump into a cute guy a get married four chapters later – the kind with secrets and criminals and terrifying moments.

Release date: 7/28/15

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The Good Neighbor

A.J. Banner

The relationship between Nick and Amy Dunne is a fascinating one because each partner is constantly questioning whether they truly know each other. Fans of Gone Girl will find similar themes in The Good Neighbor, a new psychological suspense book from A.J. Banner. It’s a fast-paced page turner of domestic drama. If you’re looking for books like Gone Girl and love Liane Moriarty’s books, pick up The Good Neighbor.

Release date: 9/1/15

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In a Dark, Dark Wood

Ruth Ware

If Gone Girl’s smart prose and gripping plot drew you in, you’ll love In a Dark, Dark Wood. It’s a slow burn of a novel – think more gradual teasing out of plot points than nonstop action. This literary debut from Ruth Ware is a true psychological suspense perfect for people who love Gillian Flynn books.

Release date: 8/4/15

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Somebody I Used to Know

David Bell

David Bell’s mystery novel is the closest to classic suspense on this list, but fear not – there are plenty of psychological elements and plot twists for readers who want books like Gone Girl. Somebody I Used to Know blends domestic drama with beautiful suspense, dark mystery, and gripping prose.

Release date: 7/7/15

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The Kind Worth Killing

Peter Swanson

If you loved to despise Amy Dunne’s sociopathic behavior, The Kind Worth Killing is for you. Peter Swanson’s new book is a story of warring sociopaths. It’s a twisted tale, full of coldblooded acts and whirlwind games of cat and mouse.

Release date: 2/3/15

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