Bookish Fun From Around the Web | May 29

29 May 2015

Check out neat things that came up on the Internet this week for book lovers!

The Kindle Gets New Typography

Amazon has officially unveiled Bookerly, the first typeface designed from scratch for the Kindle, as well as rolling out a new layout engine that brings us better text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning, and more! Read More ↦

Bookerly Font

New Wasp Named After Harry Potter Characters

Remember the dementors from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series? Now, all entomologists will have to remember them too! A species of wasp discovered in Thailand has been named after the soulless creatures because they are capable of robbing their victims of their senses, turning them into zombies (and easy prey). Read More ↦

Fitzgerald’s “Gatsby” House is For Sale

For just $3.9 million, you can buy the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald began writing The Great Gatsby – and had some crazy parties of his own. “According to legend, the Fitzgeralds threw wild parties in the house, Zillow writes, with ‘house rules’ such as: ‘Visitors are requested not to break down doors in search of liquor, even when authorized to do so by the host and hostess.'” Read More ↦

Happy Belated Towel Day!

Happy Belated Towel Day! Fans of sci-fi author Douglas Adams (and other hoopy froods) will recognize the 25th of May as a tribute to the late author. This year, Towel Day got a shout-out from space! Read More ↦

Tanith Lee

On a sadder note, Tanith Lee, lauded science-fiction, horror and fantasy author, passed away this week. She published over 90 books, over 300 short stories and won many accolades throughout her prolific career. Read More ↦