Bookish Fun From Around the Web

22 May 2015

Check out neat things that came up on the Internet this week for book lovers!

Bill Gates’ Recommended Summer Reads

If you’re a nerd looking for some lighter summer reading, check out Bill Gates’ recommended summer reading list. “Each of these books made me think or laugh or, in some cases, do both.” Read More ↦


Flippable Book Bracelet

The winners of the 2015 Rijksstudio Award for “Make Your Own Masterpiece” created an absolutely amazing Rebrandt Book Bracelet, inspired by artwork by Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. Read More ↦

CookFiction: Real recipes for imaginary foods

Ever wanted to try to make your own Butter Beer? Or maybe Bilbo’s Seed Cake? Check out this site for recipes to make your favorite dishes from your favorite books! Read More ↦

32 Products All Book Lovers Need

We want ALL THE THINGS! Our personal favorite on the site would have to be the Olde Book Pillow Cases. Read More ↦

Cuddly pillows

A Reader’s Manifesto

Here’s a manifesto that all of us bibliophiles can relate to. What would be your manifesto, as a reader? Read More ↦