News in Books : Book News Week of September 4

03 Sep 2015

The top book news for the week of September fourth includes: The littlest, most dedicated bookworm, Jesse Eisenberg, and commentary on the fact that, everyone, no really, everyone, seems to be writing a book these days.

We Understand Your Feels, Littlest Bookworm


This little book loving baby cries as soon as his mommy finishes a book. We know those feels little man, oh do we know them. Think about how many books he will read by the time he is 5 if he can’t stand to stop reading!

Jesse Eisenberg Wants the CIA to keep him Accountable for Reading

Jesse Eisenberg, star of the new movie American Ultra, weighs in on books, acting, and writing in last week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. Read More ↦

Book Industry Professional Rediscovers the Joy, and Benefits, of Reading

Have you ever found yourself slowly falling into an addiction to easy, bite sized information and the lightening fast pace of the internet? Ever noticed that it’s hard for you to sit down and read a deep novel after a day in front of a screen? Hugh McGuire, literary technologist, had that experience, and began to look into how re-teaching your brain to read long form, printed content, and disconnect from the web, will help you organize the rest of your life. Read what he discovered ↦

Print isn’t Going Extinct, It’s Evolving

Like all life forms (or industries) that want to survive in an ever changing chaotic world, the print industry has been evolving in order to adapt to the changing publishing landscape. Chris Fischbach of Coffee House Press weighs in: Read More ↦

Everyone Is an Author These Days

Have you ever noticed that everyone, or close to it, seems to have a book, or is writing a book? Professionals are (often self-) publishing their tips and tricks, and those friends with wild imaginations are finally getting their work into the hands of readers. We know that logistically this is happening because publishing content is easier than ever before, but this week Huffington Post weighed in on why so many people are driven to write their own books. Read More ↦ 

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