News in Books | Book News Week of September 11

11 Sep 2015

This week’s book news is full of new surprises, international expansions, and our favorite celebrities.

The Humble Book Bundle is Here

Like the idea of paying money to charity and getting more than just a happier conscience out of it? We don’t actually expect any of you to say yes to this, but, Neil Gaiman has released this year’s Humble Book Bundle, a pay what you want collection of digital content, the revenue from which is split between charity and the creator, in percentages of your choice.  So, if you thought yes, but didn’t say it out loud, now is your chance to download a bunch of rare, quality, bookish content which supporting a good cause. Read More ↦

Amazon’s Tendrils Continue to Expand Internationally 

Sometimes we picture Amazon as the smoke monster from the TV show Lost. We don’t really know if it’s good or bad, it’s bigand somewhat amorphous, it makes a lot of noise and is always on the fringes of our awareness. This week, the smoke monster, we mean Amazon, floated over seas, as it expanded it’s Kindle Scout program, a program through which authors can upload their books to be voted on by readers, and hopefully get picked up for a publishing deal, internationally. Now authors in Europe, Canada, India, and more can upload their novel length manuscripts with the hopes of being published. Read More ↦



Old News is Great News

Drew Barrymore has a memoir coming out. This news is about a month old, but we just found out today and we love the cover SO MUCH so we want to share it with you. Our excitement for this celebrity memoir is second only to our excitement concerning Mindy Kaling’s new memoir.   Read More ↦ 

Speaking of Mindy Kaling’s New Memoir

WHY NOT ME is released on September 15th and we are doing endless happy dances while we wait for our preordered copy to show up. Check back next week for our thoughts and all of the feels about this beloved actress’ newest book. Until then, check out her highlight in the New York Times Read More ↦

There’s a New Kid in Class

Elizabeth R. Koch, of the very wealthy Koch family, has started her own publishing house, based in New York. She describes herself as apolitical (unlike her father) and quite literary, with and MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. We are interested to see what she brings to the printing press. Read More ↦

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