Bill Gate’s Summer Reading List that You Will Want to Read

21 May 2015

Book clubs have re-entered the public eye: from Mark Zuckerburg’s “A Year of Books” to fashion princess Lauren Conrad’s book club. This summer, add another celebrity “To Read” list to your queue. Bill Gates has been blogging a summer reading list for 4 summers and this year his picks are intriguing to a wide audience, ranging from thoughtful picks in business and science to more fun reads like comics and blogs. Here’s a look at Gate’s Seven picks, and how they relate to his other projects around the world:

Hyperbole and a Half – Allie Brosh

The Gates Foundation supports the Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health, an initiative which works to bring substantial improvements to mental illnesses. Brosh uses comics to give an in-depth look into the mind of a person who is depressed, something that, as Gates points out, can help us comprehend friends and colleagues who are struggling with this illness.

The Magic of Reality – Richard Dawkins

Gates helped fund an online course similar to this book, Big History, which both focus on a comprehensive viewpoint of big science questions.


What If? and XKCD – Randall Munroe

What If? chronicles seemingly impossible science questions asked of blog author Munroe, and his scientifically accurate answers.

XKCD marks the second cartoon and third book that originated in the blogosphere on the list. Munroe’s books pay homage to Gate’s goal of having summer picks on the lighter side this year.

On Immunity  Eula Bliss

Zuckerburg recommended this book earlier in the year for his “A Year of Books” challenge, and it goes in hand with Gate’s public history of lashing out against the anti-vaccination movement.

How to Lie With Statistics  – Darrell Huff

A business book is a staple on Gate’s list, and this one he even recommended to everyone at TED this year. This book gives classic business advice that transcends the decades old examples.

Should We Eat Meat? Vaclav Smil

Although Gates himself is a “failed” vegetarian, he has advocated for and invested in the development of the meat substitutes, and written blog posts on how continuing to eat meat is threatening the planet.

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