Best Historical Fiction Books to Buy for Gifts in 2015

07 Nov 2015

The best historical fiction books make fantasic gifts for book lovers. Historical fiction is a wildly popular genre, and is generally a safe bet if you know a book lover but don’t know the genres she reads. Historical Fiction is quite accessible and is beloved by readers of all genres.

We pulled together the best historical fiction books to buy as gifts for book lovers this year. All of these historical fiction books are brand new (in late 2015), so your favorite book lover is unlikely to own them already!


Gifts for Books Lovers: the Best Historical Fiction to Gift in 2015

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White Collar Girl: A Novel

Renée Rosen

Explore the price of ambition and a powerhouse woman who is breaking into male-domintated journalism in White Collar Girl, set in 1950’s Chicago. This is an unforgettable read from the bestselling author of historical fiction like Dollface and What the Lady Wants.

Buy it for: the feminist businesswoman who loves Mad Men.

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The Japanese Lover

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende is a household name, and her new masterpiece The Japanese Lover makes a fantastic literary gift. Allende’s new book deals with identity, constant turbulence, star crossed lovers, race, and fate in the context of World War Two.

Buy it for: the literary fiend who likes stories of the people caught up in wartime.

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Wherever There Is Light: A Novel

Peter Golden

1920’s America is a popular era for literary fiction than manages to run the gamut of tone and topic. This new book deals with immigration, race, and love that transcends time.

Buy it for: the F Scott Fitzgerald fan who loves a good love story.

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The Hours Count: A Novel

Jillian Cantor

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are famous for espionage – but what about the people who knew and loved the Rosenbergs? The Hours Count blends fiction with historical fact and explores the naivety of Millie, Ethel’s friend and the Rosenbergs’ neighbor.

Buy it for: the American History buff.

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Buffalo Trail: A Novel of the American West

Jeff Guinn

Books that celebrate the wildness and adventure of Frontier-era America make wonderful gifts. Buffalo Trail is the new release from New York Times Bestselling Western author Jeff Guinn, and is an adventure that won’t disappoint.

Buy it for: that person who’d rather sit at the kid’s table at Thanksgiving to play Cowboys and Indians than talk about 401Ks at the adult’s table.

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