A Little Pinprick Can Change Your Whole Life!

03 Aug 2023

A Little Pinprick Can Change Your Whole Life!

Girls Found is the fourth book of the Rainey Paxton Series.

I wrote the Rainey Paxton Series as part of my healing process. I was married at nineteen and by the time I turned twenty-one, my then-husband was an intravenous drug user. He loved meth and heroin more than anything else in the world. He came from a great family, loving and giving parents that provided everything he needed and wanted. His childhood differed from mine in that aspect.

Once Peter (that’s his fictitious name) started using massive amounts of drugs and driving us further into debt, I left him. It was several years later and after thirteen failed rehab attempts, when I filed for divorce. I assumed all of his drug debt to keep my credit rating in good standing as he went off into the streets of North Philadelphia to immerse himself further into the drug scene. I filed and received full custody of our child. I was so worried he would trade my child for drugs or let people do awful things to her in exchange for his dope. Those thoughts were the basis for the Rainey Paxton Series.

I’ve looked under the covers and have seen the hopelessness and trauma that addiction causes the entire family. I understand the pain and suffering an addict can create. I was so tired of everyone focusing on my addicted husband while I was working and essentially raising my child alone. Society focuses on the addict, giving them the bulk of the attention and resources while the family members, including the children, figure things out on their own.

This series started with A Little Pinprick, Book One, a child born addicted to heroin to two drug-using parents. Rainey was left to navigate her way through her life despite her parent’s addiction and irresponsible, harmful, behavior. I wrote this series so readers can understand what the family may deal with and the daily struggles they face. I hope the Rainey Paxton Series will provide a peek into the problems that can face children affected by addicted parents.


Paige Dearth is the author of the new book Girls Found (Rainey Paxton Series Book 4)

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