A Brief Look at She Paints My Soul

23 Aug 2023

A brief look at She Paints My Soul, a Native American Historical Romance

If you were to take culture shock, mix it up with an innate fear of Indians as well as becoming an enemy’s captive, then add to the mix a spiritually gifted, yet moody and misguided Crow warrior who keeps rescuing you from harm, you might have described the confusion between the hero and heroine as well as the passion within the story of She Paints My Soul.
Strikes Fast, a Crow scout, is a lost soul. Once on the medicine path, he feels he is no longer human, and he has no hope of ever returning to the man he used to be. The last thing he needs in his life is a romance with a white woman.

But Sharon, a white woman engaged to a man unworthy of her, keeps getting herself into predicaments that could be deadly, requiring a man to come to her aid; her fiancé is not that man. A friend of a friend, Strikes Fast doesn’t dare approach her except to save her once, then twice.

Sharon, who is afraid of Indians, yet who is encamped with them because of a friend, suddenly finds she is indebted to and intrigued by a young, Indian man. How could she not love him for what he’s done for her, and at the threat of his own life? She doesn’t love him romantically, of course. Yet, his touch springs passion to life within her…

In a world fraught with war parties, evil spirits, and winter weather that could kill a man within seconds, how can a man who has lost his way and a woman who is frightened of the very man she dares to love, ever find their way to a love everlasting?

She Paints My Soul is a story of romance, of adventure, of hope, and redemption in a country filled with beautiful, yet rugged mountains, broad prairies, and swift waters that could take a man’s life.

Come and leave your troubles behind as you journey with me into the mountains of Montana at a time when women were brave and men daily lived the life of a hero.
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Karen Kay is the author of the new book She Paints My Soul

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