6 Thrillers to Read for Fans of Jack Reacher

22 Nov 2023

6 Thrillers to Read for Fans of Jack Reacher

From pulse-pounding mysteries to high-stakes suspense, these novels are tailor-made for those who relish the thrill of the chase, the puzzle of enigmatic plots, and protagonists whose fists are as quick as their wits. Get ready to lose yourself in a world where every page turn brings you closer to the edge, and the only way out is through the heart of suspense.

Invisible Criminals (Heather Chase FBI Series Book 6)

by A.W. Kaylen

Release Date: November 21, 2023

A silent turf war. A trained assassin. Hell-bent on catching the killer, Special Agent Heather Chase is caught up in a vicious turf war rapidly spreading across New York City. The mob is out there, and the criminal network is invisible. Trusting the wrong person will get her killed… Can she stop it before it reaches the boiling point?

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Another Tomb in Algiers (The Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries 3)

by AJ Lewis

Release Date: October 9, 2023

A quest to discover the meaning of a recurring dream about a ‘Mountain Bather’ who walks on water leads an Italian sailor to Algiers in 1794, where he discovers the identity of his Mountain Bather in the person of a Sufi master. But will the sailor’s ecstatic utterances land him in a religious court and charged with blasphemy?

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After Dark

by Minka Kent

Release Date: November 14, 2023

She’s a pariah with a killer past. Her bid to escape it is nothing short of terrifying in a heart-pounding novel of suspense by Washington Post and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Minka Kent.

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Play of Shadows (Dr. Evan Wilding Book 3)

by Barbara Nickless

Release Date: November 14, 2023

An ancient creature of Greek mythology drives a killer’s unspeakable motives in a pulse-pounding thriller by the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Dark of Night.

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The Day After the Party

by Nicole Trope

Release Date: October 30, 2023

Katelyn smiles around at her husband and friends, gathered to celebrate her thirty-sixth birthday in their beautiful home decorated with fairy lights. But the next day Katelyn wakes up shaken and terrified in a hospital bed… She doesn’t remember the sweet taste of birthday cake icing, or how angry her best friend was at midnight, or the terrible things her husband said. She doesn’t remember the party at all.

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Bad Blood (Detective Kim Stone Book 19)

by Angela Marsons

Release Date: November 15, 2023

The victim is lying under the trees, arms lifted above his head, unnaturally still. His muscles are slack. His eyes are empty. There are no signs of life. But he is not quite dead… When Detective Kim Stone races to the crime scene, there is no body waiting for her: the paramedics are desperately trying to save the victim’s life. But there is something very strange about the way the man was found, his arms raised above his head, his legs spread apart. When he dies on the way to the hospital, Kim is certain she’s on the hunt for a killer… but all evidence at the scene has been destroyed.

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