6 New True Stories of Legendary Lessons & Experiences

30 May 2024

6 New True Stories of Legendary Lessons & Experiences

Dive into the extraordinary lives of remarkable individuals with our curated selection of six captivating biography and memoirs. From tales of triumph to accounts of resilience, these true stories offer legendary lessons and unforgettable experiences that will inspire and enlighten readers of all backgrounds.

Start With Collaboration

by Lois Sonstegard

Release Date: March 22 2024

Lois Sonstegard grew up in Japan, which gave her a unique outlook on the world. Returning to the US, Lois was eager to shine a light on collaboration. By starting with collaboration, she launched several successful businesses. Now you can benefit from her experience and expertise with this award-winning new book.

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You Never Know: A Memoir

by Tom Selleck & Ellis Henican

Release Date: May 7 2024

Beneath all the charm and talent and self-deprecating humor, Selleck’s memoir reveals an American icon who has reached remarkable heights by always insisting on being himself.

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Scream Queen: A Memoir

by Yvette Fielding

Release Date: May 30 2024

Yvette Fielding has nerves of steel when facing down her tormentors in the spirit world. Her living-world personal story also reveals a woman of courage and determination, who built success from nothing, following her passion and lifelong curiosity in search of answers to the unexplained.

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A Walk in the Park

by Kevin Fedarko

Release Date: May 28 2024

Two friends, zero preparation, one dream. From the author of the beloved bestseller The Emerald Mile, a rollicking and poignant account of the epic misadventure of a 750-mile odyssey, on foot, through the heart of America’s most magnificent national park and the grandest wilderness on earth.

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What a Fool Belies: A Memoir

by Michael McDonald & Paul Reiser

Release Date: May 21 2024

Filled with unbelievable stories and a matchless cast of music greats including James Taylor, Ray Charles, Carly Simon, and Quincy Jones, What a Fool Believes is a moving and entertaining memoir that is sure to be a classic.

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The Editor

by Sara B. Franklin

Release Date: May 28 2024

Legendary editor Judith Jones, the woman behind some of the most important authors of the 20th century—including Julia Child, Anne Frank, Edna Lewis, John Updike, and Sylvia Plath—finally gets her due in this intimate biography.

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