6 New Teenage Handbooks & Happily Ever Afters

14 Jun 2024

6 New Teenage Handbooks & Happily Ever Afters

Discover six delightful YA novels offering guidance, growth, and happily ever afters. Join us on journeys of self-discovery, friendship, and first loves in the pages of these captivating stories, perfect for every young adult navigating life’s twists and turns.

Money Skills for Teens and Young Adults

by Freddie Awuah-Gyasi

Release Date: March 29 2024

Unlock the secrets to financial independence with “Money Skills for Teens and Young Adults.” This essential guide empowers the next generation with practical tips on earning, saving, budgeting, and investing. Perfect for teens, parents, and educators, it’s the ultimate resource for mastering money management and achieving financial success.

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Red (Modern-Day Fairy Tale Series Book 2)

by MK Harkins

Release Date: May 31 2024

Lily leaves her isolated, and homeschooled life for college and meets George, a charming but troubled guy haunted by his missing high school sweetheart. Their attraction is instant, but George resists, frustrating Lily. A fairy godmother and guardian angel try to keep Lily from abandoning George, while an enemy from George’s past threatens them.

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You Got This! 101 Life Skills for Teens

by Amelia Murphy

Release Date: May 30 2024

Teens often face difficulties in finding their place in the world, balancing responsibilities, and gaining the independence they crave. The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be overwhelming, with the need to acquire various life skills and knowledge to navigate this period successfully.

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A Gracious Hope (Hope Ever After Book 14)

by Robyn Sarty

Release Date: June 5 2024

But Alora adores her simple life and flees from her newfound expectations. When the curse is enacted anyway, she must fight her way through a strange new land. If she doesn’t defeat the one who cursed her, she’ll be trapped in a dream forever.

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Children of the Stars

by Neil Young

Release Date: May 14 2024

Getting grounded from flying is torture until Dayton finds an old junker and tinkers with it in his father’s garage until it flies. Dayton proudly flies to it school where the principal thinks differently! Dayton isn’t prepared for high school. But is high school ready for Dayton?

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A Midnight Hope (Hope Ever After Book 12)

by Stefanie Lozinski

Release Date: May 22 2024

After a chance meeting with Ash, he can’t help but to wonder if he’ll get a chance at falling in love, after all. Problem is, she has no idea that he’s a prince, and he’s in no rush to tell her. When Ash discovers a bitter plot to overthrow the rulers of Winterlocke, will the truth bring them together? Or will their secrets tear them apart?

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