6 New Romances for Fans of A Family Affair

05 Jul 2024

6 New Romances for Fans of A Family Affair

Whether you’re seeking swoon-worthy love stories or heartfelt family sagas, these books promise to capture the same emotional depth and tender moments that made “A Family Affair” unforgettable.


by Kathleen Kelly

Release Date: July 2 2024

In Jacksonville, the Royal Bastards MC face turmoil after they are attacked and their President, Creed, is hit. Highway must work with Gwen, a determined photographer, seeking the truth amidst danger. Highway and Gwen’s bond strengthens, tested by loyalty and love. Can they survive the violence tearing them apart, or will conflict consume all?

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by Susie Tate

Release Date: June 27 2024

As a scruffy, disorganised, daydreamer, Lucy is like a fish out of water at the high-powered offices of her brother’s billionaire best friend. She soon realises that her plan to work for her childhood crush, hoping might notice her was crazy… wasn’t it? Grumpy boss, brother’s best friend, billionaire, opposites attract, feel-good romance.

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The Naughtier List

by Jade West

Release Date: June 25 2024

How about her betraying, cheater of an ex discovering what she does for living, and throwing threats around that could bring her world tumbling down? Not everyone agrees with her career choices – and some of those people have a lot more influence than others…Will poor Ella get to keep climbing the naughty list, or will her Hardcorer dreams turn to dust?

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Hold Me Until Morning (Time River Book 4)

by A.L. Jackson

Release Date: July 1 2024

I thought I could handle being under her roof. Only the tension between us strains, and with one forbidden kiss, all restraint is lost. We collide in a lightning bolt of greed, the two of us locked behind her door night after night. Falling so hard I know there will be no coming back from it. But being with Hailey exposes the past I’ve been trying to hide, and I’ll do anything to protect her from it. Because if I don’t? We’re both going to pay the consequences…

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Love, Utley (Love Letters Book 1)

by S.J. Tilly

Release Date: June 27 2024

He got drafted into the professional league and lived like a king while I stayed home and struggled to stay afloat. I may have followed his career, but now that he’s retired from football, I’ve forced myself to stop thinking about him. And it’s okay that I won’t ever see him again. That week in college was fifteen years ago. I’m not in love with Maddox anymore. I might even hate him.

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Cunning Vows (Lethal Vows Book 3)

by Kia Carrington-Russell & T.L. Smith

Release Date: June 28 2024

He would pay her every last drop she demanded to be in the same room as the woman they are all afraid of. He does not see a woman who could cut him down to his knees. No, he sees a woman who he would gladly get on his knees for.

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