6 New Romance Releases for Fans of Modern Love

07 Jun 2024

6 New Romance Releases for Fans of Modern Love

Indulge in the latest romance releases tailored for fans of Modern Love. From heartwarming tales of connection to steamy encounters, these novels promise to ignite your passion and captivate your heart.

The Boy with the Beautiful Name (The Beautiful Boy Book 1)

by Liz Ald

Release Date: February 1 2024

Garnering over a million reads across ebook sites, readers blasted through Books 1 & 2 in less than six hours. That’s two hundred pages per hour. This sizzling young adult romance features billionaires, mansions, and thrilling suspense with plenty of comic relief. Are you ready to meet him? He’s the boy with the beautiful name.

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A Timeless Masquerade

by Audra Hershey

Release Date: June 1 2024

Trapped in time, Mickie is drawn to a diabolic son of a duke! Transported to Regency England, she’s drawn to the man who mistakes her for his loathed fiancée. He planned to take what was his, ruining her before breaking their engagement. But after the dastardly deed, he desires to have her as his own! Find true love in the midnight masquerade!

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The Billionaire’s Dare (Billionaire Bodyguard Series Book 7)

by Kristi Avalon

Release Date: March 25 2024

When bad-boy billionaire Adam Soren takes a friend’s dare to conquer his dyslexia, he discovers his beautiful tutor Marissa harbors a painful secret. She’s hiding from a dangerous criminal bent on revenge – and she’s in desperate need of a protector. Fierce and fearless, Adam will safeguard her with his life, but will he dare to risk his heart?

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The Mirage Guild (The Prism Society Book 2)

by Gabi Salas

Release Date: June 3 2024

At 35, Izzy Esposito feels her best years slipping away. Back in NYC, she dives into event planning at The Prism Society with her brother’s best friend, the irresistibly younger Max Kingsley. As their professional lines blur, Izzy must choose: embrace a fleeting fling or a deeper connection?

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Love Painted in Lies

by Holly Denham

Release Date: May 25 2024

Every brushstroke a mystery, every canvas a lie. Love Painted in Lies is a laugh-out-loud feel-good British comedy romp. If you have children, and have ever felt you don’t quite fit in… Then this comedy could be for you.

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Sanctuary (A Windy City Romance Book 1)

by Helena Harte

Release Date: June 1 2024

Lori Turner nurses her broken heart and the rescued animals at the Sanctuary. Her brutal divorce damaged her confidence and her ability to trust, but when Gabe enters her life, solace and uncertainty intertwine. As chemistry sparks and walls crumble, will Lori find the courage to trust again, or will secrets tear them apart?

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