6 New Releases for Fans of Ready Player One

07 Jun 2024

6 New Releases for Fans of Ready Player One

Step into the thrilling realms of six new releases ideal for fans of Ready Player One. From immersive virtual realities to futuristic landscapes, these fantasy and sci-fi novels promise an exhilarating escape.

Echo Island: The Clan Games

by Robert Thompson

Release Date: March 17 2024

Echo Island: The Clan Games is a fantasy adventure where 15-year-old Calum O’Brian discovers a magical artifact that thrusts him into a mysterious conflict. Calum must uncover secrets of his nation’s past and fight to protect his home. This first book in a five-part series promises an epic journey inspired by Celtic folklore.

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Sword of Forgotten Dreams

by Callie A. Viera

Release Date: May 7 2024

Ernest never suspected that his rare gift would lead him on a quest of honor and treachery as he searches for the Sword of Forgotten Dreams, a venerable weapon that is said to grant ultimate power over reality to its owner.

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The Cult of Calladon (Corbo Mallik Adventures Book 1)

by Roland Drake

Release Date: March 31 2024

Fun, fast-paced Sci-Fi action! Freelance space pilot Corbo Mallik is hired by a desperate young girl to track down her missing father. Together with his loyal copilot and Rylee’s robot bodyguard, they set forth in Corbo’s starship. Their pursuit leads them into the clutches of a sinister cult, where Corbo is forced to make a life-changing decision.

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The Deer and the Dragon (No Other Gods Book 1)

by Piper CJ

Release Date: May 7 2024

Before she knows it, Marlow is deeply entangled in a centuries-old war, stumbling straight into a battleground between mighty beings of myth and legend from powerful pantheons around the world. And who will come out on top may just depend on her and the love she never dared to believe in.

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Lethal Exchange (The Alastair Stone Chronicles 36)

by R. L. King

Release Date: May 20 2024

Once on the Changeling’s trail, though, Stone and Verity soon discover they have stumbled upon the tip of a horrific iceberg—a shadowy organization operating deep underground, kidnapping specifically-targeted Changelings for an unspeakable fate.

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Into the Multiverse (Chronicles of Cain Book 11)

by John Corwin

Release Date: May 28 2024

They soon discover that the insectoids are only a small part of their problem. That there are far more sinister forces lurking behind the invasion. And if they can’t stop them, the infection will spread across the multiverse.

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