6 New Novels for Fans of Planet of the Apes

30 May 2024

6 New Novels for Fans of Planet of the Apes

Dive into the depths of extraordinary imagination with our curated collection of six compelling sci-fi and fantasy novels tailored for fans of the legendary ‘Planet of the Apes’ saga. From dystopian landscapes to realms of fantastical wonders, these stories promise to whisk you away to alternate dimensions where the boundaries of reality blur and the essence of humanity is redefined.

Demons Never Lose: Greed (Deadly Sins Book 2)

by Ava Lock

Release Date: May 12 2024

Inspired by her dream clairvoyance, Joscelyn Wild’s Deadly Sins series sails into uncharted waters in Demons Never Lose. Join Fury as she fights insurmountable greed when crypto pirates lure Joss into a risky treasure hunt. Gripping suspense and haunting characters seamlessly blur the supernatural with the digital mundane.

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Shadows of Winter

by Lindsay Buroker

Release Date: May 23 2024

Kaylina travels to the capital to open a meadery but instead stumbles onto a crime scene and meets Lord Vlerion, a powerful royal ranger who accuses her of murder. In this romantic fantasy novel, Kaylina must work with Vlerion to clear suspicion from her name, even as she unearths a dark secret about him that could get her killed.

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Paragon of Solitude (Dawn of Wizards Book 2)

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Release Date: May 28 2024

Magic flows through human veins for the first time. This young man trains with his new abilities, seeking to master something he barely comprehends…until he is stricken by a powerful vision foretelling the end of the world. His slim hope resides in something called the Paragon, a mysterious relic hidden away centuries ago. Your quest awaits.

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Warrior Academy (Warrior Empress Series Book 2)

by J.T. Skye

Release Date: March 19 2024

I’m a cadet at the Warrior Academy. I’ve made it this far…barely. I just survived the assassination attempts by the alien pirates – authorized BY MY parents. And now, the only place the House elites have limited reach is the Warrior Academy. But, hey, if you try to kill me, I’ll come at you with full feline ferocity.

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Technically Human

by Christian Mann

Release Date: April 26 2024

Charlie, an American working for NOVA, a colossal Japanese corporation pioneering robot technology for everyday jobs, faces his most pivotal assignment yet: to coexist with Julia, humanity’s first sentient android. As he delves into her origins, they’re both thrust into a perilous situation that jeopardizes NOVA, his career, and Julia’s existence.

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A Gateway To Galdish (The Lurran Chronicles, Book 4)

by John Quinton

Release Date: May 29 2024

Eli continues his adventures in the world of Lurra, facing new challenges as the Remnant’s forces gather, a fresh invasion plainly on their minds. To make matters worse, the Association is beginning to step out from the shadows, revealing their horrifying intentions.

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