6 New Novels for Fans of Netflix’s New Hit: Bodkin

24 May 2024

6 New Novels for Fans of Netflix’s New Hit: Bodkin

Step into the realm of suspense and intrigue with six thrilling new releases, tailor-made for fans captivated by the enigmatic world of the latest Netflix sensation, Bodkin. From heart-pounding mysteries to spine-tingling thrillers, these books promise to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Murder in Louisiana

by Megan L. Bradford

Release Date: May 2 2024

A promising young doctor has finally left his troubled past behind him and started over in Louisiana—or so he thought. When a new patient in shocking condition is brought in, it threatens to change his life forever. This exhilarating mystery weaves a tale of deception, murder, and secrecy that will leave you breathless. Pick up your copy of Murder in Louisiana today!

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Infliction Point (A Zach Axton Thriller)

by Mark Hacker

Release Date: May 10 2024

Zach Axton is in a dark place. After the brutal murder of the love of his life, the haunted FBI agent is one Border Collie away from cashing it all in. But he’s grudgingly pulled back into action when a prisoner in an experimental government program designed to increase brain functioning escapes. Infliction Point is a fast-moving killer thriller!

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Bones Buried Deep (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries Book 4)

by Emma Jameson

Release Date: May 2 2024

In wartime England, love is a secret, and murder is just another casualty—join Dr. Benjamin Bones & Lady Juliet on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth. When a stranger is found murdered, Dr. Bones must unravel the mystery while he and Juliet conceal their secret love. A gripping tale of love, loss, and deception in rural England.

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Eyes Tight Shut (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 22)

by D.K. Hood

Release Date: May 21 2024

Her heart races as she waits for her date to arrive. When the doorbell rings, her excitement quickly turns to fear when she takes in her date’s menacing stare as he closes the door behind him. He’s not here to find love, and there’s no time to scream before her world goes black…

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Double Jeopardy (A Rain City Legal Thriller Book 4)

by Stephen Penner

Release Date: May 19 2024

Raine starts to dig and soon discovers that the dead man wasn’t just a petty criminal. He was an informant for a narcotics detective who is trying to take down a drug cartel. Now Raine and his erstwhile partner, Rebecca Sommers, must unravel the mystery. Did someone order Michael’s murder? And if so, was it the cartel?

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The Unseen Sister (Detective Kat Ballantyne Book 2)

by Andy Maslen

Release Date: May 16 2024

When a second woman is found killed in similar circumstances, Kat needs answers fast. Does she have a serial killer on her hands? Or is the perpetrator motivated by something more personal? What connects the victims? And can she catch the killer before anyone else turns up dead?

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