6 New Mystery and Thriller Novels for Fans of The Guilty

05 Jul 2024

6 New Mystery and Thriller Novels for Fans of The Guilty

Whether you’re in search of a new detective series or a standalone thriller that will leave you breathless, this curated list has something to satisfy every suspense aficionado’s craving. Get ready to embark on a thrilling literary journey where secrets lurk around every corner and every twist reveals a new layer of mystery.

Beneath This Hallowed Ground

by Colleen A. Parkinson

Release Date: June 8 2024

Small town secrets can’t stay buried when a volatile dead man pesters an unwilling teenage medium in this off-the-wall paranormal thriller. Sprinkled generously with black humor, BENEATH THIS HALLOWED GROUND (a revised edition of HELL IS IN ME) is a unique and satisfying read for the aficionado of paranormal suspense literature.

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Justice For All (Daniel Pike Legal Thriller Series Book 8)

by William Bernhardt

Release Date: June 28 2024

This novel features two Bernhardt series lawyers, Daniel Pike (The Last Chance Lawyer) and Kenzi Rivera (Splitsville) in the ultimate courtroom cage match, as they go to war in a controversial case involving Hollywood studios, comic books, and long-buried secrets that could be worth billions.

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Maximum Pressure (Claudia Rose Book 9)

by Sheila Lowe

Release Date: June 2 2024

When handwriting expert Claudia Rose attends her high school reunion, old friendships turn deadly and the past comes back to haunt her in unexpected ways. A mysterious cold case and the shocking discovery of a lifeless body take her on a twisty path, where friends come under suspicion and dangerous long-buried secrets resurface.

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The Third Man (Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Medical Thrillers)

by Geoffrey M. Cooper

Release Date: June 17 2024

In 1944, an ultrasecret German agent lands on the coast of Maine. His long-term mission of using advances in DNA research to help launch a Fourth Reich moves forward until, many years later, a chance discovery at the landing site draws Brad and Karen into a struggle to stop the creation of a new class of genetically engineered neo-Nazi warriors.

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Flashpoint: An FBI Thriller

by Catherine Coulter

Release Date: July 2 2024

Desperate for answers, Elizabeth flies to Washington, D.C., to seek out Savich and Sherlock and is assigned Special Agent Rome Foxe for protection. With deadly assailants in terrifying pursuit, Elizabeth and Rome soon find themselves neck deep in danger and in a race for survival.

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You’ll Never Find Me (Angelhart Investigations Book 1)

by Allison Brennan

Release Date: June 25 2024

Nothing brings family together like crime. In the first book in the thrilling new Angelhart series from New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan, private investigator Margot Angelhart helps clients the law overlooks, but when she takes on a case more dangerous than she imagined, teaming up with her estranged siblings may be her only hope for survival.

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