6 New Mysteries to Read if You Liked The Jinx

30 May 2024

6 New Mysteries to Read if You Liked The Jinx

Dive into the gripping world of mystery and suspense with our handpicked selection of six thrilling novels perfect for fans of ‘The Jinx.’ From twisted plots to shocking revelations, these books promise to keep you on the edge of your seat, just like the acclaimed documentary series. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue as you delve into these captivating reads that will leave you guessing until the very last page.

Murder at the College

by P..H. Turner

Release Date: May 20 2024

A detective has a smooth-talking heartbreaker for a client who might be the killer. Quinn has scorch marks from her last relationship and plenty of chemistry with Ben, but when he demands to work with her, a partner is the last thing she wants. Quinn wants to prove him innocent but finds plenty of evidence that he’s guilty.

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Murder on the Train (DI Hillary Greene Book 21)

by Faith Martin

Release Date: May 29 2024

The next day, Hillary and her fellow guests set off on a steam train ride through the stunning Cambrian Mountains. But when the train arrives at its final destination, not all the passengers get off. One of them has been stabbed neatly and cleanly through the heart. Which of the five passengers who shared the carriage is the killer? And how come no one saw a thing . . . ?

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Truth Truth Lie

by Claire McGowan

Release Date: May 21 2024

With no phone reception and no way off the island, the group are trapped here until the end of the weekend. And as tension rises and secrets are spilled, they can’t shake the feeling that they’re not the only ones here. Is someone watching them? Someone who wants them dead? Or is it one of them who has murder in mind?

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Into the Fire (Angelhart Investigations)

by Allison Brennan

Release Date: May 28 2024

Margo Angelhart was recently certified as a private investigator, but she isn’t convinced that it’s her calling. All of her cases have been minor, mostly for family and haven’t paid the bills. She’s more than happy to keep bartending and figure out her post-military career later. That is, until prosecutor Andy Flannigan walks into her bar and offers her a case she can’t turn down…

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Haunted (Rylie Cooper Mysteries Book 11)

by Stella Bixby

Release Date: May 25 2024

But as she gets closer to the truth, the danger mounts – and Rylie realizes the murderer may be someone far more sinister than she ever imagined. In this thrilling cozy mystery, Rylie must confront her past, navigate a forbidden love, and face her deepest fears in the twisting tunnels of the mine.

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The Vacation Rental

by Katie Sise

Release Date: May 1 2024

A summer getaway triggers a psychological game of cat and mouse in a novel about the frightening damages of love, family, and obsession by the bestselling author of Open House and We Were Mothers.

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