6 New Historical Literary Fiction Novels

05 Jul 2024

6 New Historical Literary Fiction Novels

Step into the past with these six captivating new historical literary fiction novels. From vivid settings to richly drawn characters, each book offers a unique glimpse into history’s untold stories and forgotten voices. Whether you’re drawn to wartime dramas, sweeping sagas, or intimate portraits of bygone eras, these novels promise to transport you to worlds both familiar and exotic.

Saving Krakow

by K.R. Kiehl

Release Date: June 10 2024

In 1939, native-born Polish and Belarusian citizen Sergei Bravo embarked on a journey to save his motherland from the Nazi regime’s destructive forces, first as an air defense sergeant and later as a Soviet NKVD agent. In a war-torn country marred by the Holocaust, Sergei Bravo endures one battle after another to protect his homeland and preserve historical districts.

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The Cliffs

by J. Courtney Sullivan

Release Date: July 2 2024

Enthralling, richly imagined, filled with psychic mediums and charlatans, spirits and past lives, mothers, marriage, and the legacy of alcoholism, this is a deeply moving novel about the land we inhabit, the women who came before us, and the ways in which none of us will ever truly leave this earth.

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The Last Secret of Lily Adams

by Sara Blaydes

Release Date: June 4 2024

The death of a legendary actress reveals a wealth of Hollywood secrets in a breathtaking novel about betrayal, rivalry, and the punishing brutality of fame.

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The Florence Letter

by Anita Chapman

Release Date: June 24 2024

Looking out over the twinkling city lights of Florence, Claire thinks of the letter that has brought her here. Written by a woman who escaped the Blitz, it holds a secret kept for a lifetime… but can Claire make the woman’s dying wish come true?

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The Lion Women of Tehran

by Marjan Kamali

Release Date: July 2 2024

From the nationally bestselling author of the “powerful, heartbreaking” (Shelf Awareness) The Stationery Shop, a heartfelt, epic new novel of friendship, betrayal, and redemption set against three transformative decades in Tehran, Iran.

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The Glassmaker

by Tracy Chevalier

Release Date: June 18 2024

Skipping like a stone through the centuries, in a Venice where time moves as slowly as molten glass, we follow Orsola and her family as they live through creative triumph and heartbreaking loss, from a plague devastating Venice to Continental soldiers stripping its palazzos bare, from the domination of Murano and its maestros to the transformation of the city of trade into a city of tourists. In every era, the Rosso women ensure that their work, and their bonds, endure.

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