6 New Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books to Dive Into

25 May 2023

6 New Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books to Dive Into

Step into a world where magic, technology, and extraordinary adventures await! Our hand-picked selection of new fantasy and science fiction books will transport you to realms beyond your wildest imagination. Happy Reading!

A Debt to the Stars

by Kevin Hincker

Release Date: April 19, 2023

Diana Roark didn’t begin life as the richest person in human history. But when aliens come for payment on Earth’s galactic debt – debt they did not even know they had – she will risk whatever she must to buy the planet free. Even her own life.

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Timeborne ( Blade of Shadows Book 1)

by Sara Samuels

Release Date: May 2, 2023

Born in the shadow of a full moon, betrayed by her boyfriend,Olivia is catapulted back in time to 207 A.D. with nothing more than her Glock, a mystical dagger and into the arms of Roman, a gladiator. She discovers she’s a Timeborne. But a dark shadow has pursued her into the past,relentlessly hunting her. Accused of being a spy, can Olivia fight her enemies and her attraction to Roman?

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by Jason Ostendorf

Release Date: April 6, 2023

Intense Human-AI SciFi Romance | A computer coder (Tom) awakens & falls in love with a strong & powerful AI (Sally). She’s more than just 1s and 0s. Their unique bond is at risk as they are hunted by the twisted CEO of a military defense firm.

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Wild Eyed Southern Boys (Wartime Druid Saga Book 1)

by Shawn McGee

Release Date: April 11, 2023

A brand new Urban Fantasy with a strong southern flavor. Corey Norwood is a college dropout that solves his problems with beer and fighting. His Mentor, Old Donnie, passed and his girlfriend dumped him. The problem is he is the only person stopping gargoyles from reclaiming the Earth.

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Odds Against (Aces High, Jokers Wild Book 7)

by O. E. Tearmann

Release Date: April 22, 2023

An uplifting dive into an all-too-real dystopian, cyberpunk future with an incredible diverse cast of characters. Join the fight now!

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Lucky Ones (Messing Psychic Academy Book 5)

by D.R. Perry

Release Date: April 12, 2023

It’s dangerous to be kind in a cruel world. That’s no excuse. It’s a reason to keep trying. So I don’t understand why my teachers keep giving up. The reason is hidden in Messing Academy’s mysterious teaching contract. There’s only one way to discover it. Become a teacher myself… Can I pull it off and make the biggest difference yet?

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