6 New Empowering, Strength-Filled Releases

24 May 2024

6 New Empowering, Strength-Filled Releases

Discover the transformative stories of courage and resilience in these six new empowering biographies and memoirs. From overcoming adversity to embracing strength, each narrative offers a powerful testament to the human spirit’s capacity for growth and empowerment. Dive into these inspiring tales and be uplifted by the remarkable journeys within.

From Struggle to Strength

by Harry Psaros

Release Date: March 21 2024

Harry Psaros wants to be the new voice for fathers with children on the autism spectrum. “From Struggle to Strength” is an essential read not only for fathers, but for any family member or friend supporting a child with autism. This book offers practical advice & emphasizes the mindset / mental attributes needed for success.

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Joyful Recollections of Trauma

by Paul Scheer

Release Date: May 21 2024

From award-winning actor and comedian Paul Scheer, a candid and hilarious memoir-in-essays on coming to terms with childhood trauma and finding the joy in embracing your authentic self.

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A Light through the Cracks: A Climber’s Story

by Beth Rodden

Release Date: May 1 2024

Renowned rock climber Beth Rodden’s inspiring memoir about overcoming devastating trauma, refusing to be held hostage by fear, and taking a leap toward healing.

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Chasing Hope: A Reporter’s Life

by Nicholas D. Kristof

Release Date: May 14 2024

Since 1984, Nicholas Kristof has worked almost continuously for The New York Times as a reporter, foreign correspondent, bureau chief, and now columnist, becoming one of the foremost reporters of his generation. Here, he recounts his event-filled path from a small-town farm in Oregon to every corner of the world.

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To Be Loved

by Frank G. Anderson

Release Date: May 7 2024

With compassion, humor, and disarming honesty, Frank invites the reader into his formative experiences: coming out amid the LGBTQ+ carnival atmosphere of 1990s Provincetown, finding love and forming a family within the staid Boston suburbs, and coming home to confront his family’s legacy of abuse.

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Soul Dive

by Alex Sabbag

Release Date: May 21 2024

In Soul Dive: My Journey into the Deep, she shares her empowering story – one born from tragedy and ending in triumph. Follow Alex’s journey from the darkest corners of pain, grief and sorrow, into a life with more peace, purpose and presence.

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