6 New Coming of Age Journeys

24 May 2024

6 New Coming of Age Journeys

Step into the world of six new young adult novels, where magical quests, space travel, and the power of friendship await. These enchanting tales promise to whisk readers away on unforgettable journeys filled with wonder and discovery, making them must-reads for fans of fantastical adventures.

The Power of S.A.D. (Mariposa Lane Book 1)

by Maggie Lynch

Release Date: March 30 2024

How can Akna and her two sisters help Mama and save her family if they are in foster care? Rule 1: Don’t get comfortable there. With the help of a caring teacher, friends at school, Akna’s own determination, and the love of her foster family, she learns how to once again welcome the goodness in life, even when some things will always feel broken.

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Earth Magic is Real Part II

by K.C. McMillian

Release Date: May 20 2024

In the wake of a devastating loss, Claudette’s life is left in shambles! Trust is a scarce commodity, and darkness threatens to engulf her at every turn. With Eli’s accusations of Kevin’s involvement in the tragedy, Claudette finds herself torn between the two. Dark magic and betrayal conspire to push Claudette to the brink of despair, testing her mettle like never before.

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Skyborne (Skyborne Series Book 1)

by Taylor Night

Release Date: May 14 2024

When 19-year-old Elyra Mistwood receives her recruitment letter, she is forced from her village and thrust into Skyborne, a dangerous academy that turns citizens into soldiers in the war against a rival kingdom.

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Together in a Broken World

by Paul Michael Winters

Release Date: May 21 2024

Eighteen-year-old Aiden is on a critical mission for the covert Scientific Collective, delivering vials whose contents could cure the Infection. Tortured by his boyfriend’s death, he welcomes the risks of the perilous journey. When a militia attacks Aiden, he flees to Zach’s town.

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Nightworld Academy (Winterfall Destiny)

by LJ Swallow

Release Date: May 13 2024

As darkness closes in, our loyalty and trust need tightening in the face of new revelations, or we’ll weaken against those who would destroy us. Along with Jamie, Andrei, Ash, and Tobias, I’ve survived hit after hit from enemies wanting to tear us apart. Now the five of us must forge a stronger bond than ever.

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Peaceweaver (Between Shade and Flame Book 1)

by Everly Haywood

Release Date: May 2 2024

When Persis Ophne travels to Gelaira to heal the dark elf prince, the young dune elf stumbles into a kingdom brimming with prejudice and treachery. Her oath—and heart—are further tested when her mistress orders her to kill Prince Haryk.

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