6 Epic Must-Read Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

27 Apr 2023

6 Epic Must-Read Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

Discover the newest and most exciting works of science fiction and fantasy in this list of new fiction books. From futuristic adventures to magical realms, these books will transport you to other worlds and leave you spellbound. Get ready to immerse yourself in these imaginative tales and let your imagination run wild.

Craving Midnight (The Midnight Trilogy Book 1)

by Michelle Rowen

Release Date: April 11, 2023

When cautious Samantha Day kisses her unattainable crush, she’s left with unfamiliar and frightening cravings. Only Bishop, a mysterious guy with unearthly blue eyes, can help her understand the danger that’s closing in. “Gorgeous angels, suspense and romance… this book has everything I love.” —NYT bestselling author Richelle Mead

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by Talitha M Brummel

Release Date: January 31, 2023

On a planet called Caligara, the Slaughtering of the Beast war has ended. A young soldier named A-rayin comes home to learn he is destined for a higher purpose for which his twin brother, Ratchet, hates him. Opposed by many other forces at work besides Ratchet, A-rayin must learn a new royal military formation if he is to stop evil in its tracks.

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First Alien

by Maddie Marzola

Release Date: April 21, 2023

First Alien is a fast-paced, enthralling alien encounter novel where a mysterious spaceship lands in Southwest England. Upon discovery, two women find themselves battling for the fate of humanity.

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Heaven Will Fall (Gravitium Book 1)

by Michael Anderle

Release Date: March 30, 2023

In this tale of a city in the clouds, Adjudicator Anselm Horst will do whatever it takes to keep the floating metropolis of Summerland afloat. But when he descends to the perilous surface in search of answers, he finds himself joined by Clare Voyhent, a fiercely capable survivor with a knack for unraveling mysteries.

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A Boat Named Blind Faith

by Norman Philip Jeddeloh

Release Date: January 5, 2023

A Boat Named Blind Faith tells the story of an unmarried, theoretical physicist who encounters a beautiful woman when sailing in choppy waters on Lake Michigan. Reminding him of his long lost love, he goes chasing after her, but gets captured by an evil witches’ coven and has to rely on his intellect to escape the blind faith of his captors.

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The Duty (Sin of Duty Book 1)

by Claire Vale

Release Date: March 30, 2023

Born inside the walls of Capra, I’ve spent my life preparing to be a wife, homemaker and mother. Graduation means marriage and fulfilling my role in society. Girls who don’t graduate are removed. Life isn’t perfect, but the alternative is unacceptable. This is the Eastern Coalition. This is what’s left of civilization and the future of the human race. This is me, a girl trapped between duty and rebellion and a darkly beautiful boy. But I’m also a Sister of Capra, and when we rise in rebellion, we will light this world on fire.

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