6 Enchanting Reads for Fans of Sarah J. Maas

02 Nov 2023

6 Enchanting Reads for Fans of Sarah J. Maas

Whether you crave high fantasy, intricate world-building, or irresistible romance, these books are your key to unlocking a treasure trove of captivating stories. From fierce heroines to immersive worldscapes, prepare to be enchanted by these reads that resonate with the spirit of Sarah J. Maas.

Beastly: The Dark Heart

by Lara A. Steel

Release Date: October 28, 2023

Jack Beastly: “All these years I watched you and knew: someday you would have to fulfill the prophecy and then you would belong to me. Someday I would come for you, Heather! And today is that day.”

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Magic and Medicine (Amber Legends Book 1)

by Olena Nikitin

Release Date: October 27, 2023

My entire life, I tried to hide my little problem. Doctors must never have visions or see shadowy creatures, but when a magical being appeared in my Emergency room with an ancient dagger stuck in his chest I had to admit the monster that lurked in the shadows was real, tall and had irresistible verdant green eyes.

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The House of Starlight & Shadow (The Mirror Kingdom Chronicles Book 1)

by Coreene Callahan

Release Date: October 31, 2023

After being forced out of her dream job, Truly Turnbolt is working a dead-end one when a mysterious stranger arrives with proof she’s heiress to a Victorian mansion in a ramshackle neighborhood. But upon entering her new home, Truly accidentally unlocks a door to a magical realm, releasing an ancient evil from its prison—along with a dark family secret.

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Empress of Fae (Blood of a Fae Book 3)

by Briar Boleyn

Release Date: October 25, 2023

Morgan Pendragon has another name now: Morgan Le Fay. As her true heritage slowly emerges from the mists of the past, Morgan renounces one possible future as the new ruler of the fierce Siabra fae and the wife of the Prince of Claws and vanishes through a portal–returning to Camelot and the Rose Court where her friends and younger brother lie in mortal peril from Arthur’s cruel wiles. But back in the Court of Claws, Kairos Draven won’t allow his beloved to disappear from his life so easily. His bond with Morgan goes beyond blood, love, life, and even time itself and neither one of them can relinquish its power or its pull.

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Court of Dragons and Vows (The Dragon Crown Series Book 2)

by G. Bailey

Release Date: October 23, 2023

The dragons of the west need riders, and to survive, I must become one of them. After barely surviving The Dragon Crown Test, I wake up in the desert at the mercy of the Dragon Riders and their brutal Commander. They come for me, my dragon kings, even when I didn’t expect them to get out alive. The dragon kings make an uneasy alliance with the dragon riders, both with a common goal to stop the Sorcerer before he gets too powerful. But they have secrets and they won’t tell me any of them…

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Of Blood & Nightmares

by Chandelle LaVaun

Release Date: October 24, 2023

A woman with a haunted past. A prince who was destroyed by it. The fight for survival that could ruin everything they have left.
My life never truly felt like mine. It was like driving a rental car, mine on loan for now but never to belong to me. Never intended for me. Now I knew why. It was all a lie…

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