6 Books to Read for Fans of Nancy Drew

26 Apr 2024

6 Books to Read for Fans of Nancy Drew

Dive into thrilling mysteries and uncover intriguing clues with these six captivating reads, perfect for fans of Nancy Drew’s adventurous spirit. From puzzling whodunits to suspenseful twists, these books will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Deadly Gamble (Deadly Series Book 11)

by Kate Parker

Release Date: April 16 2024

Newspaperwoman Livvy Redmond, on assignment for the British Government during WWII, is sent to neutral Lisbon, Portugal to strike a deal with a Polish refugee working for a German businessman. She finds everywhere that Allied and Axis spies are stealing secrets. What does the refugee have that is so valuable? Why was he murdered in front of Livvy?

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The Caretaker (Haunted Historical Mystery Series)

by Regina Wixon

Release Date: February 25 2024

In the heart of the Black Hills, where the icy winds howl, journalist Rachael embarks on a journey shrouded in mystery and danger. The lines of reality and imagination blur as she uncovers the horrifying secrets of Hawthorne House.

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Murder in Beacon Hill (Massachusetts Cozy Mystery Book 5)

by Andrea Kress

Release Date: March 27 2024

Murder in Beacon Hill is the fast paced fifth book in the Massachusetts Cozy Mystery Series with a strong sassy woman, plenty of atmosphere, and a handsome detective ready to help.

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The Puzzle of Parham House (Lord Edgington Investigates… Book 13)

by Benedict Brown

Release Date: April 21 2024

Faced with a cast of suspects including a roguish archaeologist, a pair of ambitious twins, an expert on ancient weapons and the world’s most boring man, the master sleuth struggles to find the answer. Will his assistant step in to crack “The Puzzle of Parham House” or will more people die before the killer completes his elusive scheme?

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What Cannot Be Said (Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Book 19)

by C. S. Harris

Release Date: April 16 2024

A seemingly idyllic summer picnic ends in a macabre murder that echoes a pair of slayings fourteen years earlier in this rivetingnew historical mystery from the USA Today bestselling author of Who Cries for the Lost.

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Death on the Back Nine (Myrtle Beach Amateur Sleuth Cozy Mystery Series Book 6)

by Caleb Wygal

Release Date: April 23 2024

Golf, intrigue, and dark secrets collide in “Death on the Back Nine”, the gripping sixth installment of the award-winning Myrtle Beach Mystery Series, set against the backdrop of the prestigious Swaying Palms Golf Course.

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