5 New Releases for Readers of All Ages

25 Aug 2023

5 New Releases for Readers of All Ages

Explore our curated new releases, perfect for readers of all ages. Whether you’re cuddling up for storytime, seeking an escape into captivating narratives, or simply indulging your reading passion, our new releases promise an age-defying literary journey. Happy reading!

Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse (Magic Mystery and the Multiverse Book 1)

by Aurora M. Winter

Release Date: August 16, 2023

NEW FANTASY SERIES. “A fun, fantasy fiction novel, packed full of magic and adventure. A thrilling ride through the multiverse, not to be missed!” Readers’ Choice Book Award Winner. “It’s a fantastic book that will transport you to magical worlds…an exciting new young adult fantasy series that will draw in readers of all ages.” – Literary Titan

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by Pete Fellows

Release Date: July 24, 2023

Madeline didn’t handle death well but had found an escape route to Zeroworld. She’d lived for centuries in a virtual New York where inflation was rampant, no one got old and there was absolutely no dying. Then her world changed. Miracles, flying pigs, freely materialising bazookas, angry elevators, everything turning blue and even dragons.

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Chain of Secrets

by Sky Jones

Release Date: July 18, 2023

Secrets are wrecking Emma’s life, but she won’t betray her friends. Darcy is kidnapped. She appears to be the latest victim of the Central High curse. Emma believes that the school has a criminal on the faculty. Emma’s deadly search for Darcy ends with them both in chains. Emma’s sophomore year goes from bad to horrifying. Will she survive?

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Stars, Hide Your Fires

by Jessica Best

Release Date: July 11, 2023

As an expert thief from a minor moon, Cass knows a good mark when she sees one. The emperor’s ball is her chance to steal a fortune for herself, her ailing father, and her scrappy crew of thieves and market vendors. Her plan is simple: 1. Hitch a ride to the planet of Ouris, the dazzling heart of the empire. 2. Sneak onto the imperial palace station to attend the emperor’s ball. 3. Steal from the rich, the royal, and the insufferable. But on the station, things quickly go awry. When the emperor is found dead, everyone in the palace is a suspect—and someone is setting Cass up to take the fall.

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Outlaw Mage (The Dageian Puppetmaster Book 1)

by K.S. Villoso

Release Date: August 1, 2023

Despite Rosha’s best efforts, she will never fit in. To her classmates, she is forever an outsider, a girl from the fringes of the empire just lucky enough to have well-off parents. To her teachers, she is either a charity case or an exception to the rule that Gorenten just aren’t capable of performing complex magic. Worse, still, she is nothing but a status symbol to her father—a child gifted with magic to show his powerful friends that even people like them could belong in the empire. As if she doesn’t have enough problems already…

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